I enjoy creating a product that has both beauty and function. I am fastidious  by nature and framing lends itself to this quality but the unpredictability of wood allows a sense of randomness to be introduced to this craft.  Until I finish a piece of wood, there is no predicting exactly how it is going to turn out.  I find it fascinating that each piece of raw wood has its own tale to tell.  As a former owner of a custom picture framing shop my focus with each  job was to turn the viewers eye towards the artwork.  By creating mirrors and custom moulding, I get to do just the opposite.  I get to bring the viewers eyes to the frame.  Each piece gets to be unique.  Using locally sourced native woods, often reclaimed, shows me the bounty of our environment.   A fallen tree has the potential to be turned into countless beautiful creations.  Using yakisugi, a Japanese technique of burning wood to preserve it, the wood is transformed instantly before my eyes.  Watching the relationship between flame and wood is mesmerizing and being able to control it is like painting with fire.   Through production I am constantly exposed to new results and techniques.  Having the freedom to be able to create and not worry about making anything identical is inspirational.  The creation of custom moulding develops and evolves as each new piece is created.  Every piece tells its own story and each person will see something different in each creation

I begin by sourcing local wood.  I love the varying degrees and distinctive grain of fir and maple.  I am able to mill to best feature the characteristics of each piece of wood as well as decide on a finish.   I utilize a Japanese wood preservation technique known as yakisugi on almost all of my profiles.  I use a tiger torch to enhance the pattern and depths of grain in each piece.  Sometimes it is a slight burn and other times I want it to be a piece of charcoal.  The depth and pattern of the grain is also enhanced through the process of sanding, waxing, staining, oiling, lacquering or any combination of these processes.  If I am creating a size of my choosing, and after finishing a piece of wood, I can carefully select portions of it that have the most interest to me.  Final stages consist of cutting mirror to size and putting it all together.